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#KnowMyStory Series: Loving the skin, I’m in!

#KnowMyStory Series: Loving the skin, I’m in!

Skincare Journey Ep.2!

I have to be honest, the road to loving myself and accepting my skin is not as easy as I thought it would be. If you have read the first episode of this series, you would know that I did LOTS of things in order to achieve that fresh and glowing skin I have always wanted to have. I ensured to live a healthier lifestyle, to be more consistent on my skincare and even to invest on a sunscreen that I will use every day. It was a really tough journey to take, but trust me when I say that it is all going to be worth it!


There were a lot of instances that I still felt bad about myself despite all the efforts I have been doing for my skin and for my confidence. So, before I tell you more about all the sense of achievement that I’ve felt, let me tell you of the struggles I had to endure.


One of the struggles that was really really difficult for me was when I got to encounter bad skin days. There were moments when my skin still looked so rough and dry despite the fact that I have been consistently using the right products with the right ingredients for my dry skin. It was so frustrating that I sometimes wonder if the routine was really for me.


Besides that, another struggle that I faced was when it came to the time that I noticed that the products were not working for me anymore. Never have I ever imagined that I would be getting into the time that I have to invest and test out new products that were most suitable for me. But, one thing is for sure… that kind of moment is absolutely normal. It was kind of a blessing in disguise because I learned that trying out new products will really be helpful on that road towards a glowing skin.


Of course, how could I forget the time when I lost most of my skincare products after an outing with my family? Let me tell you, it was SO STRESSFUL! Aside from the fact that I could not easily buy all the products I lost due to limitations in finances, I also had to endure looking for all the products that were sold out and difficult to find in the market. I can’t believe that I actually lost them and it was tough to bear! Nonetheless, I still see the importance of continuing my skincare for better skin.


But, you may ask me now – why are you THAT invested? And the answer is very simple… That is, loving my skin leads to loving myself and appreciating myself more!


Please do not get me wrong about this! I do not mean to instill the notion that if you feel like you’ve got bad skin, you’re not confident anymore. This is just how I take it in my own life. 


Anyway, loving the skin gave me so many things more than just loving myself better! So, for today, I want to tell you the benefits that it gave me as I progressed in doing skincare through the years.


First, loving my skin means going out hassle free! Because of this, I do not worry about all the sweat that I have to get whenever I go out with my friends nor feel conscious of my habits whenever my skin feels itchy. Let’s not deny it… But, getting that confident feel for your skin will really make you move more freely!


Second, loving my skin equates to myself-achievement! Whenever I feel like my skin is giving off that glow, I always feel proud about myself. It talks about the character that I have as an individual wherein I stay consistent, have worthy investments and are disciplined enough to follow a routine every single day. 


Third and lastly, loving my skin is appreciating oneself! SELF LOVE. I think that those are the key words in this topic. I believe that even though I have reached my goal of healthy skin, I still have my own flaws. Regardless of all those, I will always choose to be optimistic and look at how much I have achieved when it comes to my skin. It may sound so cliche, but here’s where we enter the statement, “Perfectly Imperfect!”


True enough, it takes time and patience to attain the skin you want. But, as for me, I was able to achieve this in no time through the help of the GWTG Sun Stick! Aside from the fact that it has a 50++ sun protection factor, it also gives off a moisturizing and cooling essence that is perfect for my dry skin. There are more ingredients that have grown to be so effective for my skin since I observed how most of the blemishes on my face turned invisible in weeks! It’s definitely my go-to product and I can’t wait to see you go with the glow with the GWTG Sun Stick!


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