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Beyond Routines: 5 tips on cleaning your skincare products

Beyond Routines: 5 tips on cleaning your skincare products

It’s a Must Know!

Every now and then, it should have been one of your traditions to declutter and clean up some of your skincare products in order for them to be more effective once applied. However, not a lot of people know the importance of cleaning your skincare products and materials on a WEEKLY basis. That’s right! On a weekly basis, sister! So, if you know little to nothing about this, then gear up with your cleaning materials and let us talk more about cleaning skincare products!

The GWTG team listed down five effective tips on cleaning your skincare products to serve as your guide! So, what are those?

1. Use alcohol as a disinfectant

Okay, to start off… we want to tell you about the vitality of using alcohol as a disinfectant, but don’t get us wrong! This rule pertains to putting alcohol first in your hands before you start doing your skincare. Let’s all admit it, there are times when we use our hands to apply certain products such as putting on moisturizer and-slash-or serum on our face, and one thing that you MUST do is to put on alcohol first to ensure that the dirty particles on your hands will not be transferred to your skincare products. Through this, it is ensured that all your products will be clean as experts suggest.

2. Shampoo your makeup brushes

Next on our list is to clean your makeup brushes! And oh, the best material to use? Shampoo! We think it is pretty common knowledge that you clean your makeup brushes, but we are still here to remind you that you must do it at least twice a month or once a week especially when you apply makeup on a daily basis. All you have to do is to thoroughly shampoo the bristles and the body of your brush to make sure that you are all set for another good and clean makeup sesh!

3. Throw away expired skincare products

Oh, dear… Just what have you been doing with your skin if you don’t throw away your expired skincare products? To give you a brief fact, you must know that skincare products usually last from 6 to 16 months depending on what is stated in its packaging. And also, we hope that you are reminded that they actually expire! So, don’t go and waste your time on constantly using products that are already way beyond the time of its use. Invest on your skincare and be wary of things like these for the best effect of a fresh and glowing skin!

4. Store your skincare products in one place

Our fourth tip for you guys is to store your skincare products in one place. And if that does not sound simple enough, we simply want to tell you that you should organize your skincare products and store them at a normal room temperature – not too hot nor too cold! Also, don’t store all of them in the refrigerator for too long cause it might get in tact altogether. In this rule, what we want you to do is to ensure the safety and the cleanliness of where you store your skincare products as it is also a factor in ensuring that everything that you apply to your skin is still bacteria-free!

3. Try out new products

Lastly, cleaning your skincare products also means trying out new products for your skin! Seasons change and because of that, some skincare products that you usually use may not be as effective as they may be for your skin. So, one tip that we want you to do is to try out new products that will give your face that healthy glow at any time of day! With this being said, we totally think that you should try out the GWTG Sun Stick which will protect your skin from the scorching heat with its SPF 50++ and cooling essence. Trust us when we say that this product will really be helpful for you to go with the glow! *winks*

Clean, clean, clean… We are never going to get tired saying this! This is one of the processes of skincare that people tend to forget and plays a huge factor in the effectiveness of the products that you use. So, before we say goodbye, the whole GWTG team hopes that we have helped you learn more knowledge on how to clean your skincare products. Simply follow these five tricks and you will be good to go!


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