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Bye, bye Old Habits: Skincare habits you need to let go

Bye, bye Old Habits: Skincare habits you need to let go

Time to stop!

Your clock is ticking… tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. Oh dear, where do we even begin? A skincare routine will undeniably be part of our daily lives, but! There are really times when we do things that should not be done. There will be instances that we grow unconscious of the wrong things we do, and we overlook the reasons why our skincare routine isn’t as effective as it should be.

Well, don’t you worry now because the whole GWTG team is here to list down six of the skincare habits that you need to let go of! This involves a process on your skincare itself or a daily life routine you think may be good. So, hop in and learn more! Your time is running!

  • Only doing your skincare at night: Listen… This has been a problem of many for years now! A lot of people think that skincare is only necessary at night which is NOT THE CASE since skincare routines also work best first thing in the morning. It is important that we remind you that skincare routines must be done during the day and night! Don’t be too scared to invest too much on your skincare because it would really be best when you use them twice a day!

  • Not removing your makeup before bed: Now, this may look like common knowledge but a lot of people still do it! There are tendencies that after a very long tiring day and getting all glammed up, we actually forget to remove our makeup. However, it’s time to stop practicing this. No matter how stressful the day can get, prioritize the need to remove your makeup since you will get more vulnerable with all those acne blemishes if you don’t! A five or a ten-minute removal of makeup won’t really hurt!

  • Sleeping at the wrong time of the day: This has been one thing we have been dying to discuss with you! Yes, it is true that when you get enough hours of sleep, you can feel better physically. But, you may be doing it wrong if you sleep super late at night. That’s not how you do it, bestie! You should remember to sleep at the right time of the day and that is between 9 to 11 in the evening. So, go and practice the right and healthy lifestyle for you and your skin’s sake!

  • Putting on too much products: Another common misconception that people do is that they associate putting on more products as a more effective way to keep your skin glowing. But, no! It is not how things work. The perfect skincare routine consists of a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen (which we will talk to you more on about later) and the right set of products that are fitting for your skin type! Now, if you don’t know what are the right ingredients for your type of skin, then let this be the sign for you to research and start taking actions!

  • Not eating =/= dieting: We have always been telling you that eating healthy is part of a skincare routine. Yet, there are still some who think that eating healthy means dieting and dieting means not eating at all. THIS IS TOTALLY FALSE. Eating healthy means eating the right kinds of food that are rich in vitamins to keep your skin healthy, too! So, make sure you create a list of your diet or meal plan with edibles that will lead your skin to be more fresh and glowing!

  • Missing out on your daily sunscreen dose: How can we not talk about this? The importance of sunscreen really goes on a mile! If you are still not aware, sunscreens should be taken seriously as they should be applied on your face EVERY SINGLE DAY. So, whether you go out or not, this should be a part of your skincare routine no matter what. Why? Because sunscreens are vital to keep your skin from the ultraviolet rays that can damage your skin. And believe us when we tell you that the perfect sunscreen for you is the GWTG Sun Stick which has an SPF 50++ feature, and a moisturizing essence to save you from all the icky sweat of the day!

  • We know that you’re all in it for the change, and we cannot wait to see how you’re gonna do it. Your time is running, but don’t rush too much because at the end of the day, GWTG is here to be your lifesaver! As long as you have your GWTG ceramide stick with you, nothing can go wrong. So, say bye, bye to your old habits and say hello to the new ones!


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