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Of(Pores) Not!: Top 3 pore-tightening misconceptions

Of(Pores) Not!: Top 3 pore-tightening misconceptions

Know the truth!

Hey, let us all admit it… pores can definitely be our number one problem, especially when it comes to skincare, ain’t it? But, that’s actually a given since pores are technically the core of your skin. 

Nonetheless, people tend to believe certain myths about pores that are definitely not true! And that is why we, the GWTG team, are here to tell you about the top three pore-tightening misconceptions and the truth about them!l

Before anything else, let us tell you — what are pores? According to the Cleveland Clinic, pores are those tinee-tiny openings on your skin which function to release oil and sweat from your glands. In reality, some people have larger pore openings that make them sweat a lot and have that bit of oiliness in their skin. 

There are also instances of clogged pores wherein you really have to deal with the inevitable growing acne, especially on your face! But okay, let’s all go back to the topic! Here are the top 3 misconceptions on pore tightening and what should you actually do about it!

  • Blackheads = pores
  • One of the most common misconceptions about pore tightening is its equivalence to blackheads. Yes, we all get it… we don’t want those blackheads on our face since they feel rough and with too much of them on your face, it can look quite disturbing. However, you must know that blackheads and pores are TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Just like what we have learned from all the articles that we have read, not all the “squeezable” pore on your face is a blackhead. And blackheads… they are basically those tiny dead skin cells that trap the oil of your skin, thus making your skin feel dry!

  • Using suction tools for pores is the key
  • For some time, there have been trends that went on about using different skincare tools, all according to their purpose and use. Suction tools are one of those that really rose into the limelight as people raved hardly about its effectiveness to tighten your pores. But dear, DO NOT BE FOOLED. Suction tools can actually worsen the damage on your skin and it can actually leave some marks and blemishes upon doing so. Experts suggest that the best way to ensure that your pores tighten in the right manner is to just let your skin be and to use the right products in order to do so.

  • Facemasks can shrink pores
  • Well, how do we even start this off? Facemasks can be effective, don’t get us wrong! But, facemasks won’t be your best friend if you want to shrink or tighten your pores. Previous reports say that facemasks are only quite effective for a short time as it can only ever make your pores appear small, but not really do that job. It may surely feel so satisfying when you put on your facemask on, but DO NOT EXPECT THAT IT CAN TIGHTEN PORES. Listen up, bestie! This is your wake up call!

    Pores, pores, pores… how do we really tighten them? Well, our whole team recommends that you conduct the RIGHT skincare routine using the RIGHT products with the RIGHT ingredients. And whatever situation you are in, always wear your sunscreen!

    The best sunscreen in town has finally arrived in the shape of the GWTG Sun Stick that will keep your skin from all the sweating and oiliness as it contains a cooling and moisturizing effect. Other than that, it has a sun protection factor of 50+ so you don’t really need to worry about getting all that acne, especially on your face! And ofpores (did you get our pun? *winks), it has ceramide and hyaluronic acid to help you go with the glow! 


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