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Cool for the Summer: Proper ways to do skincare

Cool for the Summer: Proper ways to do skincare

Beat the blazing heat!

It’s that time of the year wherein everyone can enjoy the scorching heat of the sun, go out for a good swim or even just chill out along with friends. Summer is that season when we just get to love every single little thing that happens as there is no rain to hassle us from the travel… just the blazing heat to beat!

Perhaps, the very warm temperature that we are all experiencing right now can feel a little bit icky, especially if you’re sweating, but that is exactly the reason why the whole GWTG is here to give you five summer hacks that can be your way to get that fresh, healthy and glowing skin!

  1. Wear sunscreen every day

The sunscreen should be the most essential thing in your bag! Like we have mentioned in all our previous articles, wearing sunscreen would be the best way to block your skin from the harmful ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) rays of the sun. At the same time, sunscreens have the sun protection factor that our skin needs in order to avoid getting any blemishes on the face.

And what’s the best sunscreen to use in this blazing heat? Of course, it’s the GWTG Sun Stick that has a 50++ sun protection factor, has a cooling and moisturizing essence, and includes ceramide for the perfect summer skin!


2. Soft microfiber cloths are the key to perfect cleansing

One of the biggest secrets that we cannot wait to tell you is the type of cloth that you should use in patting your face after cleansing, and those are soft microfiber cloths! This type of cloth will really help your skin to feel fresh and you will be less vulnerable to acquiring rashes on your face. In addition to that, soft microfiber cloths will help you to get a gentler touch on your face.


3. Never miss out on moisturizer

Since it’s summer, there is a huge possibility that our skin could really be excessively dry or oily depending on your skin type. Using moisturizer on a daily basis will actually help to even out this dryness or oiliness on your face and limit the clogged pores for your skin. With this, your skin can get rid of all the acne that is waiting to grow on your face.

Now, the best time to use moisturizers is before you apply your makeup. It is important that you dry the moisturizer out on your face first before you put foundation on your face. With this, you will not only feel confidence but also freshness all throughout your day!


4. Do skincare to start your day

There has been a common notion that has been circulating for a long time now which is doing skincare to end the day. While this is true, our team wants to tell you that skincare is also essential to start your day. When you wake up, the best thing to do is to start your morning routine by brushing your teeth and hydrating your face and conducting skincare to protect yourself from the sun. Whether you just plan to stay at home or to go out and explore places, the best thing to do is to take care of your skin, especially when you ought to apply makeup on your face!


5. Do not use warm water on your skincare

For our last hack, do not ever use warm water when you do your skincare. Despite people recommending that you should use this when taking care of your skin, one thing that you should remember is that warm water could actually add more dryness to your skin. If you want it to be less cold, just use lukewarm water to avoid damaging your skin.

Everyone wants glowing skin, even under the heat of the sun. We all want that coolness and freshness to go through our days, and we cannot blame you for it! GWTG hopes that you follow these hacks in order to attain what you want. And while we’re still at it, we believe that now is the best time to invest on your GWTG Sun Stick and be cool for the summer!


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