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Another Day, Another Slay!: Skin investments you must do

Another Day, Another Slay!: Skin investments you must do

Self-care is skincare!

here’s this one song that we really love, and it goes something like… (cue music please) ‘Today starts to do something new, the world could be better for me and you…’ We have always heard it on one of the famous fast food commercials in the country, but we definitely think that it’s also applicable for doing your skincare!

Today start to do something new for your skin, and that is to start your own skin care routine now! But of course, the GWTG team wants to bring you back to basics. So, we’re here to give you that solid head start in starting your self-care this summer!

What is a skincare routine? So, according to our research, a skincare routine does not only involve the process of applying cleanser, toner and moisturizer on your face; but it is also the process of properly removing your makeup, cleansing your face, treating all your spot blemishes, using a sunscreen during the day, and putting on moisturizer to start and end your day. A skincare routine could also be your way to achieve that confidence, so why not start your journey today and go with the glow!

Why is skincare important? To answer this, you should just remember one thing: healthy skin leads to a healthy life. We all know how we want to achieve that fresh, acne-free and blemish-free face, and doing a skincare routine can undoubtedly keep your skin to be in good condition. It can protect your skin from excessive dryness or oiliness, can avoid premature aging and presence of wrinkles, and at the same time, skincare is actually tied to your overall health! Perfect, right? That’s definitely how we like it!

So now, what are the skincare investments that you should make? Good thing, we have researched long enough to help you know the right investments to start your skincare today. Hop in and let us get that glow!

  1. Invest in healthy food: Just like what we said earlier, your skincare routine is tied to your overall health. That means that if you have a regular water intake, and a proper and healthy diet, it will be much easier for your skin to avoid being prone to acne. In addition to that, healthy food for your skin includes an intake of food such as avocados, tomatoes and even fatty fish to attain healthy skin! Now, that’s the way to start your investment. We guarantee you that skincare investments can also help your physical condition.
  2. Invest in the right skincare products for your skin type: Believe us when we say that knowing your skin type is important! We have already said this in some of our articles published before, but the different skin types involve dry, oily, normal, sensitive and a combination skin type. Upon knowing which category, you actually belong to, you can easily invest in the right products of skincare and makeup to make sure that your face looks and feels fresh at any time of the day! Consequently, there is nothing wrong if you feel like getting the most expensive products in the market because sometimes, that is what our skin really needs. YES, NEED. We need skincare products to aid us in getting that youthful skin in the long run!
  3. Invest on sunscreen: The last, but definitely not the least… get the best sunscreen in town! If you don’t know it yet, sunscreen is the MOST essential skincare product that you must have with you at all times. Because why not? Sunscreens have a sun protection factor that keeps your skin protected from all the harmful ultraviolet rays. And… what’s the best sunscreen in town, you ask? Of course, it’s none other than the GWTG Sun Stick that gives off the fresh and cooling essence that keeps you on the move. With GWTG, you will always be more than ready to conquer the world, exactly like how you want it to be! 

Every day, we want to start our day right and there will really be moments when days feel bland and we kind of want to spice it up a little. So, the whole GWTG team suggests that starting a skincare routine would be the new thing to spice up your life! 

Get your own GWTG Sun Stick now and have another day, another slay on the go!


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