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The Ultimate Guide: The essential skincare ingredients

The Ultimate Guide: The essential skincare ingredients

Know the basics!

So it goes (Yes, thank you very much to our queen Taylor Swift for that reference)… The whole GWTG team knows that you have always wanted to have that fresh, healthy and glowing skin! For some time, you may have been pondering on the ways on how you can start doing your skincare routine, but don’t you worry because we can definitely help you to start out the best process in attaining your goal.


Now, you may be asking, “What do I need to know?” But the answer to that is that you should know the essential things that you must look for in a skincare product.


Take note of these following notions to keep you started:


  1. Get a product that has a sun protection factor (SPF): Experts suggest that the SPF that your sunscreen must have is at least 30 SPF. With this, you may be able to protect yourself from all the harmful ultraviolet radiation that comes from the heat of the sun such as the UVA and the UVB rays. This is also the reason why we think that you should waste no time on thinking about why you should use the GWTG ceramide sun stick today! With this product, you will not be able to protect yourself from all the danger of the heat, but you will also get the fresh, cooling and moisturizing essence that will help you to achieve that glow!
  2. Use a skincare product that can moisturize your skin: This may seem a bit odd, especially when you have an oily skin, but the thing is…regardless of skin type, remember that you should use moisturizer nonetheless. Dermatologists say that the most important ingredient of your skincare product is the lactic acid that gives off a moisturizing essence for your skin. Now, you may think why moisturizing ingredients are essential, and the answer for that is because it helps your skin to be more nourished and avoid all the clogged pores that block any acne blemishes on your skin.
  3. Getting the right products: The thing about this is that you should know the right and proper skincare routine for you depending on your skin type. So, whether you have a normal, sensitive, oily, dry and a combination type of skin, the most important knowledge that you must have within is analyzing the right kind of products that you must put on your face in order to stay fresh! Other than that, you can also consult a doctor or a dermatologist to help you on getting that glow by using and investing on the right products!
  4. Avoid any skincare product that involves fragrance: I mean… we cannot really dent it. Having a good-smelling product will really be one of the ways to entice you on availing a product. However, you should not be fooled by this! Why? Because products with oozing fragrance can actually contain too many chemicals that will deteriorate your skin. You may be more vulnerable to acne and blemishes in the long run if you continue to use products with fragrance. We have also discussed in our previous articles how these fragrances can damage your skin in a way that your skin, especially your face, could not handle the factors of fragrance as it is sensitive to such


As we have said all these things, we sure hope that you keep all these learnings as part of the basics of a skincare routine. And more than that, the whole GWTG team wishes that if you ever started on a skincare routine, you should realize and reflect on when is the right time to change!


GWTG also surely hopes that this ultimate guide will be your ultimate eye-opener to start on a skincare routine today. It may sound so costly, but 2023 can be your year wherein you gain that confidence to conquer the world and chase your dreams no matter what! So, what are you waiting for? 


Of course, the best thing to do is to avail the GWTG Sun Stick that will help all skin types achieve that glow in no time! The said GWTG product is your way to ensure that you have made the right choice in life. particularly on the process on how you protect your skin on any problem that may come your way!



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