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The Unsaid Rule: Importance of skincare before makeup

The Unsaid Rule: Importance of skincare before makeup

Never forget, sis!

Every now and then, we always love to have that glam day wherein we prep ourselves up and just apply makeup – whether it’s about having our own photoshoot at home, going to a long-awaited event or simply just a day hanging out with your friends. Makeup is kind of like our best friend as well since it really helps us to boost our confidence when going out and conquering the day. 

In addition to that, makeup is really something that we all love doing as a hobby, and regardless of our gender, it can undeniably enhance our face features. Koreans love to have a bit of pop for their eyes, and drag queens dashingly slay their day with the help of makeup. But do you guys want to know a secret? Of course, we sure know you would love to, and that is why GWTG is telling you now that applying skincare before doing your makeup is an essential part of the day! Want to know why? 

Here are the top 5 reasons why it is better to invest in your skincare products before makeup products. Hop on and let’s get on track!

  • Keeps your makeup last longer
  • This may definitely come as a shock to you and we don’t blame you for it. This is really one of the secrets that we have been dying to tell you as conducting a skincare routine would really help your makeup last longer than you expect it to. In addition to that, another tip that we have is that you make sure that you apply your moisturizer before even applying your primer, foundation and concealer since it will be a huge help for you, trust us! Oh, and one last thing… make sure that you let your moisturizer dry before doing your makeup.

  • Limits the risk of having uneven coverage
  • Another benefit that you will gain from having a skincare routine before your makeup is that it will limit the risk of having uneven coverage for your makeup. How? Since your skin will be fresh from all the preparation it needs to be healthier, your makeup will eventually become smoother when you apply it, and that’s how we want it to be right? Your skincare is a vital part of your preparations so you certainly should not miss that out!

  • Protects you from harmful UV rays
  • This is probably the best reason that may convince you to have skincare first before makeup. As you put on products that will help your face attain that glow, skincare products also have that sun protection factor that will protect you from all the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Especially now that it is the summer season, your skin may be more vulnerable from all these UVA and UVB rays which can be damaging for your skin, particularly your face. One of the best products to use is sunscreen before applying your makeup. And you know what’s the best sunscreen product out there? Of course, it is the GWTG Sun Stick that does not only have an SPF 50++ feature, but also has that cooling and moisturizing essence for your face.

  • Better skin means less makeup
  • When you get to achieve that fresh and acne-free skin, you really have the tendency to apply less makeup on your face since you would need not worry about covering all the blemishes and uneven spots on your face. Having the right (Yes, the RIGHT as skincare routine depends on skin types) skincare routine will also help you on saving up money from unnecessary makeup products that you put on your face. But don’t ever get us wrong! We still love to see you slay on that full-face makeup. The only thing now is that you don’t have to do it every day with your glowing skin.

  • Makes your makeup feel less heavier
  • The last thing on our list is that having a skincare routine before applying makeup will help your face feel less heavy with all the products that you put on your face. This will help you to move freely and enjoy your day better since there is a sense of lightness on your face.

    All these sound so enticing, right? The best way to start and end the day is to conduct a skincare routine, and there’s no holding back since this is your sign to do it NOW! What better way to enjoy all your free time in summer than to glam yourself up and get that glow!


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