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Be Fearless: Indications of different skin types


Skin types matter!

Do you have a normal skin type? A sensitive skin type? A dry one or an oily one? Or perhaps you have a combination of both? In one of our articles, we have already discussed the various skin types present and what ingredients must be used in order to achieve that healthy and glowing skin depending on the type of your skin.

Like what is mentioned, we have five different skin types which are the normal, sensitive, dry, oily and a combination of both dry and oily skin type. So, the question now is… how do we know which skin type do we fall in to? GWTG got you covered as we listed down the indications of the different skin types that you may have!

  • Normal skin type
  • Wow! You sure are lucky when you have the normal skin type. People with this type of skin usually have a balance when it comes to the dryness or oiliness of their face. According to the articles we read, people of normal skin type have small pores, smooth skin texture and are less vulnerable to acne and blemishes. But don’t be fooled! Despite having a normal skin type, you can still encounter different problems with your skin such as pimples from time to time. That’s why it is important that you use the right products and conduct a proper skin care routine to take care of this blessing! 

  • Sensitive skin type
  • In opposition to a normal skin type, you’re quite unlucky when you have the sensitive skin type. Well, the first indication of having a sensitive type of skin is that you see some redness on your face and this may be a usual sight for you. Second, you also usually develop some rashes, especially on your face. Pretty self-explanatory from the skin type itself, the sensitive skin type is definitely prone to more blemishes. With this, it is important to remember that you should be more mindful and conscious of the products to put on your face and protect yourself from any harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.


  • Dry skin type
  • Moving on to the dry skin type, one of the most common indicators of having dry skin is that you are suffering from itchiness, especially on your face. There are also instances wherein the itchiness comes from the rashes on your arms or on other parts of your body, so you really have to be more careful about applying such products on your skin. Besides this, there is also a sense of flakiness and roughness that you feel when you have a dry type of skin.


  • Oily skin type
  • The oily type of skin is also quite pretty self-explanatory. When you feel that your skin is having too much oil with a shiny or greasy appearance, then this is your skin type. One common misconception that people with oily skin have, though, is that they do not even bother to apply moisturizer on their face. But of course, this should not be the case. Another indicator of having oily skin is that your pores are much more visible compared to other skin types. 


  • Combination skin type
  • For the last one, the combination skin type means that you are suffering from a combination of dry and oily skin. Signs of this are when you feel a bit of roughness on your cheeks, but you feel some greasiness on your T-zone area. People with a combination type of skin are also vulnerable to some blemishes on the face so it is important to take care of this skin with much more consciousness.


    Why does this matter? This is probably the question that you are asking right now, and the answer is very simple. Your skin types matter because then you will know how you will do your skincare better. At the same time, you can align your lifestyle in accordance with your skin type so that you will be able to attain that healthy and glowing skin in no time. Using the wrong products may cause your more skin problems, and we do not want that to happen, right? So, don’t forget to seek more mindfulness with the type of skin that you have!

    Upon closing this, the whole GWTG team would like to tell you that regardless of your skin type, you are still beautiful in your own way! Don’t let these variations let you down because we are here to offer you a product which is perfect for all skin types! The GWTG Sun Stick will help you achieve a fresh and moisturized skin no matter what skin type you have. They say that the world is your runway, and we cannot wait to see you rock that runway and conquer it with much more confidence with the GWTG Sun Stick!


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