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Let’s talk about skincare!

Let’s talk about skincare!

Things you need to note as a skincare beginner! 

Taking care of your skin is essential but it’s not that easy to start! You might come across different ways of how people do their skincare–some may strictly follow a 10-step skincare routine and some may even splash water on their faces and that’s it, but regardless of whether you follow a simple skincare routine or something more “extra”, you need somewhere to begin.

Skincare routines don’t have to be complex, all you need is to be consistent and sure that the routine you have fits your skin’s needs! If you’re a beginner on skincare and you don’t know where to start, here’s a six-step guide for you.

  • Know your skin type.
  • The first step in developing a skincare routine is knowing what type of skin you have. Just because it works for others, doesn’t mean it would for you. People have different skin types and that’s how skincare companies are able to design their products based on what every person needs. Each skin type has their own needs and if you’re starting on skincare, you need to know your skin type before buying any products. 


  • Pay attention to ingredients.
  • Let’s say you have a skincare problem you want to solve–whether it’s dry skin, dark spots or acne, you have to be willing to extend your efforts on researching ingredients that might help you solve your skincare problem. If you’re suffering from dry skin, then a little ceramide and hyaluronic acid might help, if you want to get rid of dark spots then some vitamin c treatment could work too!  Knowing what kind of ingredients your skincare products include will help you solve your skincare plights efficiently. 


  • Know the basics.
  • Don’t make it too complex, and remember CMP! Cleanse, Moisturize, Protect! 

    You have to know the basics of skincare before you jump into anything advanced.  Let’s say you have been fascinated by this cleansing balm, but you haven’t found the right facial wash or cleanser for your skin type yet, sooner or later you’ll find yourself rummaging into skincare shelves to find the perfect cleanser to match that balm. You have to understand that knowing the basic products that your skin needs will help you determine what it doesn’t.  After all, you can always add more products in your routine once your simple regimen starts working!


  • Sun protection is more important than you think. 
  • If anyone told you that you should only wear sunscreen when going out, we’re here to scratch that off your list of skincare misconceptions. Sun protection is just as vital as washing your face and the harmful UV rays present on both outdoor and indoor settings can damage your skin seriously. If you’re a beginner on skincare, you must know that wearing sun protection both indoors and outdoors is necessary and re-applying it after two hours is vital too! If you can’t decide on a good sun protection yet, here’s a little recommendation for you. GWTG’s Cooling Essence Moisture Sunstick is an all-in-one sunstick that is ready to protect, moisturize and give your skin that dewy looking finish while glowing under the sun! This is a perfect product for skincare beginners as they can experience an all-in-one skin nourishment in one product!


  • You don’t need an expensive skincare line. 
  • We get it, the hype for luxurious skincare brands is intense and honestly we can’t blame the public since most of these products are made keenly using top quality ingredients that might give your skin what it needs! However, if you’re a skincare beginner, you don’t necessarily have to hurt your pocket just to achieve your skin goals. Sometimes, starting out minimal can do the work for you. Using a less pricier moisturizer won’t be much of a big deal, what matters in skincare is not the price of the product you are using but how consistent and disciplined you are with your routine and making sure your skin is getting what it needs. 


  • Patience is a virtue. 
  • If you’re just starting your skincare regimen, you have to understand that nothing happens overnight. If you’re treating a pimple, don’t expect it to magically go away the next day, your skin needs time to absorb the products you use and that’s why you have to be patient for results. Some skincare products take a longer time to be effective and it may even vary per person, that is why you need to be patient and trust the process!


    Each skin reacts differently and some skincare routines can be as unique as you are, so don’t get frustrated if your skincare routine doesn’t work the first time. The goal here is to find the right routine and products for you and stick to that; and If you’re ready to embark on your skincare journey here’s a last reminder for you:


    Regardless of what skincare routine you do or product you use, you are glowingly beautiful in your own way! 



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