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Fact or Bluff: Identifying truth about skincare myths

Fact or Bluff: Identifying truth about skincare myths

What should you know!

We’re pretty sure that you have heard or read some myths about skincare, but find it hard to verify whether it is true or false. People really do have a lot of things to say about doing a skincare routine which may disrupt our practice in the long run.

You never know, you may be doing something that is totally wrong. Nevertheless, GWTG is once again ready to be your life saver! Today, we list down the truth about the skincare myths that beauty gurus don’t even tell you. Let’s start, shall we?

Learn the bluffs!

  • Using the perfect skin cream for your face every day will make you look younger as time goes is definitely a bluff! A lot of us really wants to remove all the blemishes and the wrinkles that slowly grow evident on our face, and that’s acceptable. But, what’s not acceptable is to solely rely on the right skin cream or for the perfect eye cream to eliminate those. Experts say that products containing retinoic acid can help on slowing down the aging process, but the best way to do so is to use sunscreen every day and to live a healthy lifestyle. That is why we think that the GWTG Sun Stick is the best product for you to use in order to achieve that young-looking skin. With its ingredients, we are sure that you will get that glow!

  • The next bluff on our list is quite related to this and it is the saying that the higher SPF, the better. You may be shocked about this but it’s true when we say that it’s not always fitting to use a high SPF sunscreen. Most dermatologists suggest using a sunscreen with at least SPF 30, but they did not say to use the higher ones for the best results. Higher SPF sunscreens will only work best if you are going out of the beach or taking a long day out with your friends, so don’t be fooled to go that extra mile!

  • The third one is on using antibacterial soap for a much cleaner skin. This is completely false since there are more factors that affect your skin despite the use of antibacterial soap. It can be through living an unhealthy lifestyle that counters the freshness of your skin. Going back, it is not necessary for you to use antibacterial soap everyday as it can actually attract more bacteria, especially on your face. As long as you are washing your face regularly regardless of the soap you use, then you are actually doing a great job, dear!


  • Now, we have already said this before but just a quick reminder that using hot water for your skin is actually not true! Upon using hot water for skincare or for bathe, you are choosing to remove the natural oil that moisturizes your skin. If you’re not used to cold water, then just ensure that you have just the right temperature of water to wash your skin.


  • For our last case, we dedicate it to the men who have been wanting to know more about how their face works. There has been this ongoing discussion that men should not moisturize their face. But don’t you dare believe this! Regardless of gender, one must moisturize their skin to avoid excessive dryness and clogged pores. Our gentlemen out there can even use the GWTG Sun Stick that has moisturizing effects on the skin!

As we end this, we just want to say that it is really important that you know the things that must be done to keep your skin healthy. It is not bad to consult a dermatologist or any expert that can help you to achieve that young, glowing skin. At the same time, make sure that you choose the best products on your face as doing skincare is not bad at all. The biggest false myth is that putting a lot of things to your face will damage it more, but as long as you have the right products with you, then you should simply just go for it!


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