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Keep Them Coming!: Top 5 skincare beauty trends of the decade

Keep Them Coming!: Top 5 skincare beauty trends of the decade

Join the hype!

Whose skin do you like best? Is it Miranda Kerr’s or Cara Delevigne’s? Either way, we know that you want the skin that would make you feel fresh and the skin that would give you confidence at any time of the day!

Whenever we look and scroll through our Instagram feeds, it is inevitable to see all the Instagram models, like Kylie and Kendall Jenner, flaunt their best-looking skin on their timeline. You may think that we are exaggerating when we say this… But to be completely honest, we know that you can also achieve that kind of skin as long as you know the perfect routine for you.

However, with time passing by, the trends and the series of work to be done also change in a swift way. The question now is — are you still up to the latest skincare trends?

Get to know more about these as we list down the top 5 trends in skincare that hyped up the whole skincare community!

  • The aloe vera moisturizers hype: Well, you were probably in highschool or college when you experienced this trend. There was really a time wherein everyone was hyped about the aloe vera moisturizers that were easily accessible not only on skincare or cosmetic shops, but even on the pharmacies near you! Don’t you even deny that you had that huge green tub at home, and don’t worry because we know how effective it is in the long run! We can even vouch how these aloe vera gel moisturizers really give your skin that cool feeling and it balances out the dryness and oiliness of your skin!

  • Lip balms everywhere!: Similar to the aloe vera moisturizers, this lip balm trend has also been on the list for quite a long time. Whether it’s the lip balm stick or cream, we know for sure that you never missed the chance to purchase one for your lips. And that’s totally perfect! Always remember to not miss out on your lips whenever you do skincare as they are also part of the beauty that you want to achieve! 

  • Skincare before makeup routine: Have you ever done this? THEN WELL DONE, SWEETIE! Doing skincare before applying on your makeup has been a trend ever since the age of new media bloomed and took over the world. This may seem like a trend that people tend to overlook, but we really do love seeing people around conducting their skincare routine first before anything else. Oh, and if you’re not yet aware, skincare before makeup would really help your skin to be healthier and we think it’s best if you read more about it in our past blog! *winks*

  • Facemasks are the way to go: Oh… what a trend this is! Of course, how can we miss out on the big hallyu trend that took over any part of this planet?! Not only did the Korean dramas expanded through nations, but their skincare routine also made such a huge influence on the lives of the people. And one part of the routine that they have that we loved adapting was the use of facemasks! Whenever there is a special event or a big day to come ahead of us, we surely cannot miss out on putting this on during our nighttime skincare routine. What we love more about it is that these facemasks have variations that serve different functions depending on how you want it to affect your skin. Just perfect! 

  • Everyday sunscreen usage: In the past decades, a lot of us do neglect the use of sunscreen on a day-to-day basis. However, with all the things happening around us and (as much as we don’t want to get too scientific) as global warming continues to worsen, sunscreen would really help us to avoid those harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun! The perfect sunscreen you may ask? Of course, it’s the GWTG Sun Stick which has 50++ sun protection factor, ceramide, hyaluronic acid and lots more ingredients that are perfect for all skin types!

  • We sure do love to keep up with the trends, especially when it comes to cosmetics and makeup. And as we looked back on all the trends that occurred during the decade, we only ever hope that you keep that consistency and dedication for that healthy skin!

    Go with the glow as we go with the new!


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