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Glowing Morning: Steps for the perfect morning glow

Glowing Morning: Steps for the perfect morning glow


One of the things that we have already been jealous of with the instagram models that we see online is how they flaunt their morning glow with #WokeUpLikeThis. They all look so effortless when doing it… They make it look like taking selfies is such a simple task to do! What a life goal, right?

Now, what seems to be the perfect morning routine? Have a good breakfast in bed? Wake up early and do exercise? Perhaps starting your day with skincare? However you wanna do it, the whole GWTG team knows that the best way to stir up your mornings is ensuring that you get that ultra-glowing confidence every day!

If you want to know more about our #SkincareHacks towards a #GlowingMorning, then just keep on reading!

  • Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! Okay, we know that you may already be fully aware of how important it is to cleanse your face on a daily basis, but did you know that cleansing is actually the best way to start up your day? Cleansing does not mean only one thing because there are cleansing oils and water-based cleansers that you can use to get that glow! Just make sure that you put on the right amount of cleanser on your face, and while you are at it, ensure that every part of your face will be clean.
  • Moisturize your face! Moisturizing can be synonymous to hydrating and that is what our skin exactly needs, especially in this hot summer season. The heat and the sweat can seem so infuriating, but the right kind of moisturizer will help you avoid that feeling of “ickyness” at any time of the day! At the same time, moisturizers will really help you in eliminating those rough patches on your skin which is something that we all love, don’t we? But also! Do not forget on the fact that some moisturizers work best with certain skin types, just like how you should choose between a water-based moisturizing gel or a creamy and moisturizing lotion. It’s all on you on how you will manage to get that glow, our loves!
  • Protect with sunscreen! Sunscreen should definitely be EVERYONE’s favorite skincare product! Whether you are at home or going out to have fun, it is very very vital that you have your sunscreen with you. Once we use sunscreen in the morning, our face or our skin could actually be easily protected from all the harmful ultraviolet rays that can damage our skin. Just a gentle reminder that it is best when you use a sunscreen with at least 30 sun protection factor (SPF) as it can help you in the long run! That is why we are introducing the GWTG Sun Stick which is the best sun stick to use in the morning! Why? Because it is easy to use, has a light application, gives off a cooling and moisturizing essence, and at the same time, has an SPF 50++ ingredient. That is just perfect… really perfect!
  • Maintain consistency! For the last thing on the list, maintain consistency! Of course, it is important that as you do all these things for your skin, you should also be concerned of the consistency that you show with it. Being consistent is one of the keys to get a glowing morning skin everyday and the top trick here is that you start your day off with skincare! No need to wait for another minute for it, trust us! Consistency is the one and only key for these to be effective!

  • Once we ensure that we do the right things at the start of our days, everything else will follow! Doing skincare is something that most people rarely do as they think of skincare as a nighttime thing. So don’t wait for another day and start your mornings with the GWTG Sun Stick today!

    And while we are at it, consider this as the original deadline for sim card registration online, so while you are here, go on and register! We don’t want any more stress to damage our skin, right? Love that for you! 

    Once again, make sure to do skincares as the  first and last thing of the day! What are you waiting for? Start your progress towards #WokeUpLikeThis!


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