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Sign of The Times: 5 reasons why you might need to change your skincare routine

Sign of The Times: 5 reasons why you might need to change your skincare routine

Clock is ticking!

We really do love pop culture referencing and we know that we all love Harry Styles — our inspo not only in music, but also in fashion and style! But one thing that we also do love about him is his flawless skin that makes him shine on stage, especially now that he is on tour! It’s like times never matter as he looks forever young!

Of course, just like Mr. Styles, we also want that fresh, glowing and healthy skin even as the years progress. And sometimes, one of the reasons why we cannot achieve that is because we failed to see the signs of when we should change our skincare routine.

So, behold… the whole GWTG team lists down the top 5 reasons on why you might need to change your skincare routine!

1. There are no effects on your skin

Oh dear, what’s even the point of doing your skincare if it does not do wonders for your skin? If your skin condition does not change even by a small mile, then you should take it as a sign to change! Skincare products — whether you have a normal, dry, oily or a combination of both types of skin — should always give you a new feel for your face, especially when it comes to the softness and the compactness of your skin! So, darling, you should really change your skincare routine if everything else simply feels the same.
2. Your skin feels irritated for a long time
Irritation and itchiness… we don’t want that here! One of the things that you may encounter when you are just starting on your skincare journey is that there may really be instances that your skin will feel irritated as it is still adapting to all the ingredients that you put on your face. However, if your skin already feels irritated for quite a long time, then it is a sign to stop! Change your skincare routine now, and we believe that it would be best if you will do your research first before anything else.
3. There is discoloration on your skin
Well, this is actually one of the signs that people neglect when it comes to the need to change your skincare routine. But, you may ask… what is discoloration? It simply means that your skin is experiencing a bit of a change with its color as compared to your natural skin tone. Some skincare products can be ineffective when it continues to give you that uneven skin tone, and an unforeseen skin discoloration which we do not want to happen!
Of course, our favorite product to use to avoid this is the GWTG Sun Stick because its ingredients and features will help to even out your skin tone (as it protects you from the harmful UV rays) and it will also freshen up your skin from any problem that may come your way!
4. Acne comes out way too often than it should
Ugh! What a hassle! Skincare products that will continue to give you acne are NOT the way to go! It is common knowledge that we may still get acne upon doing skincare since there are several reasons to consider such as inconsistency and hormones, but dear, it is time to stop and change if it’s way too much! As much as possible, monitor how your skincare products work on your skin and make sure that you put on the right kinds of products on your face to avoid any acne!
5. Change your skincare routine as the season changes
Okay, listen up! The whole team wants to tell you a secret… and that is changing your skincare routine as the season changes is a good way to make sure your products remain effective! Most cases of skincare problems are due to the weather and that’s really the reason why you have to be more wary of the set of skincare products you have and the skincare process that you do on a daily basis. Trust us, once you do this, your skin will glow at any season!

Hey, angel! As we close this, we really hope that you keep all these things in mind and consider re-checking or reviewing all the products that you have at home. We can’t wait to see you glow this whole year round!


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